Your app is the face of your business on mobile devices, so it's essential that it showcases your brand in the best possible way. That's why our approach to app development is we throw away the cookie cutters and build your mobile app exactly the way you want it. The process begins with our graphic designers creating an intuitive and unified mobile app design to ensure you present a cohesive brand identity to your customers. Then our app development team gets to work building your iOS app and Android app, custom tailored for your unique brand, using the most powerful, modern mobile app languages like Swift, Java, Objective-C, and React Native. Our mobile app development team can develop android apps, ios apps, react native apps and apps for AppleTV, Roku, Google Home, Alexa, and more, to ensure your customers can find you wherever they might be.


At Nox Solutions, we're passionate about eCommerce. For over two decades, we've been creating custom, enterprise-level ecommerce and shopping cart solutions for some of the top brands in the industry. Whether you are a veteran retailer or a new start-up, Nox will design, build, and host the ideal ecommerce platform for you and your brand. We offer a full suite of powerful and flexible e-commerce tools, including subscription commerce, mobile commerce, abandoned shopping carts, cart remarketing, order management and more. Nox Enterprise Commerce is an eCommerce platform that works and grows with you, freeing you to focus on your business rather than on your e-commerce platform.


With nearly two decades of innovation, we deliver a variety of enterprise-grade, customized solutions to our clients. While we specialize in creating cutting-edge websites, custom mobile apps, and flexible e-commerce solutions, that's just the start. If you have a custom web design, or web development project, like a custom automated back-office task with AI and machine learning skills, we even have an expert team for that. Our design and development teams have extensive experience creating custom web, mobile, and ecommerce solutions to really engage your customers and deliver exactly what you need to bring your vision to life. We call this The Nox Solution.


Nox Solutions provides a full suite of turn-key podcasting, live streaming, and on-demand audio and video solutions. Our enterprise-level publishing, hosting, distribution, IAB compliant analytics, digital ad insertion, transcription, and monetization products are used by some of the biggest names in podcasting, entertainment, and news. Our full suite of interactive solutions also provide multiple distribution channels and multiple forms of content. No matter how you reach your audience, we have you covered with RSS, live, looped, and on-demand streaming of video and audio to entertain, engage, and measure your audience.

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