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The popularity of virtual assistants is exploding. Today, nearly 33 million homes have an Amazon Echo or a Google Home, and that number is projected to increase 300% by 2020.

At Nox Solutions, we build skills and actions for virtual assistants to enable your podcast to capitalize on this growth and expand your presence to this burgeoning market.

Amazon Alexa

With over 20 million smart devices sold that are integrated with Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant, such as Amazon's Echo smart speakers, consumers are turning to Alexa more and more for entertainment and information. This expanding audience presents an opportunity for you to communicate with your listeners in a whole new way. This has podcasters rushing to create Alexa Skills to ensure easy discovery and access to their content.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is Google's virtual assistant, and is integrated in every Google Home smart speaker. Like Amazon Alexa, it provides millions of consumers with a new way to find entertainment and information. That's why podcasters everywhere are creating Conversation Actions for Google Assistant, enabling them to reach new listeners on this expanding channel and ensuring their content is easily accessible.

How We Help

The momentum behind virtual assistants presents challenges to podcasters, often leaving them wondering how to even begin to spread their reach to this expanding audience. That's where we come in. We provide end-to-end development, hosting, and management of Google Conversation Actions and Amazon Alexa Skills. We provide an intuitive experience for your listeners that's optimized and tailored for your podcast. We broaden your podcast's reach to virtual assistants everywhere, one voice at a time.