Internet Cloud Infrastructure

Nox Solutions employs Internet Cloud Computing Infrastructure to guard against catastrophic events and enabling automatic scalability during peak traffic surges. Even though we are scaled over multiple data centers and utilize 2 separate CDN networks to distribute our content, in the age of 24/7 100% uptime, Cloud Computing as a backup mechanism gives us the extra edge and peace of mind our clients have come to expect from us.

Using a cloud infrastructure not for our main purpose of delivery, but as a backup mechanism allows us to have real-time anytime access to a complete cold site. A recovery solution that takes seconds to enable and not hours. In any disaster recovery protocol, getting up and running as fast as possible is what matters. And utilizing the Cloud infrastructure allows us to do so.

The Internet Cloud Computing Infrastructure also allows us to automatically scale up during peak traffic spikes. No one wants to have their website be down, slow or unresponsive. But sometimes with unforeseen spikes in traffic that are outside of the norm, your website can lag the response time we all desire. Utilizing a dormant cloud infrastructure and enabling it as needed during peaks traffic times allows us to send the excess traffic to a cloud network with a much higher capacity for the duration of the spike.

Nox Solutions has made an unparalleled commitment to security, reliability, scalability, speed, and uptime of our managed websites. Our IT professionals have created an enterprise level infrastructure that enables millions of visitors to download, stream and quickly navigate our sites. Our IT personnel go through the effort of making sure that our platform has minimized security risks as much as possible. In addition, our IT department is battle hardened in the security arena. Some of the sites that we host have been the target of many attacks over the years and Nox Solutions has weathered them and built up security to ensure that the attackers do not gain the upper hand. We also do not use any offshore outsourcing so we can keep very tight control of our code base. Nox Solutions double encrypts all sensitive data in our database, using the highest encryption available, so even if someone were to retrieve it, they would not be able to read it.

Some of the biggest names in radio and TV have been hosted by Nox Solutions for years and our IT professionals have built up a reliable, efficient system with all of the latest technologies and backup security available today. Nox Solutions is absolutely dedicated to security, reliability and 99.99% uptime. Nox Solutions operates in multiple data centers simultaneously, and employs global load-balancing between those data centers. We also maintain redundant equipment for every important process we have online. All of this means that if a server or even an entire data center fails it will not have any effect on the uptime or performance of our sites and they will continue running smoothly. Even if a divine act were to destroy a hosting facility, we have multiple contingency plans to ensure that your presence on the web is reestablished within minutes. This is accomplished by having Citrix Netscalers as the front end into the data centers as the starting point. Netscalers handle everything from Load Balancing, DDoS protection and data compression to ensure that our sites run at peak performance. Netscalers are superior in terms of security, speed and reliability to anything on the market, so much so that Google uses thousands of them for their infrastructure.

We also have layer 2 fiber networks between the data centers so as far as the servers know, they are sitting right next to one another in a rack. This allows us to load balance between our servers in a very efficient way. We can restart a server for maintenance reasons and because of this and our redundancies, the website will never go down for the end user.

Our data centers are co-located with major co-location providers that ensure the highest levels of physical security to our equipment. Our databases, in addition to being clustered within a data center, also use log shipping to back up to a database in the alternate datacenter to ensure uptime in the case of an entire data center going down.

We employ multiple CDN networks to ensure that your image and download objects reach the end users with maximum efficiency and reliability. We also have many servers from which the CDN networks read to ensure that the CDN can always access the files.