Your Business Email Address is More Important Than You Think

Did you know that many small business owners never even contemplate their email address when they create it? One of the most important things that a small business owner has is their email address. Your email says everything about you and if you choose the wrong one, you place your company’s future at risk.

There are many benefits to having a personalized email address and one that looks professional will speak volumes. Extensions such as,, and just scream non-professional. If you needed legal help and emailed a local lawyer and they replied to you and had the email address of, would you continue working with them? The chances are no. Your customers think the same way about you and you must establish yourself as an authority in your area of expertise and then rock it.

Advantages of Using a Personalized Email Address

As a business owner, you can get a personalized email address without paying an arm and a leg. As a matter of fact, many domain name companies allow you to add an email option when purchasing your domain. Sometimes they will even offer you a free email address and account. If they do, take it! There is no harm in having one on backup even if you decide to never use it; but you will, trust me.

Brand for Your Business

A personalized email address will help give you an identity. Your email extension is the first thing your customers and prospects will see, so make it good. This will help your prospects and customers associate you with a specific brand, service, or product.


Your email extension will help you look established as a professional and you will receive more responses to your emails. A simple, free email extension looks unprofessional and it looks like you could not take the time to be serious about your company.


Your email addresses can all be managed in one place when you have a business email. This makes it easier for you to handle all incoming communication. You can even set up multiple email addresses within the platform. For example, if you need an email address for services, sales, and inquiries, it is no problem.

Spam Protection

Your paid for email address will normally come with a subscription for spam filtering. This will help weed out any unwanted and dangerous emails. There is usually a black list option embedded into the platform to prevent the same spam email addresses from emailing you over and over again.


Inside your email address account, you will be able to organize your email, inquiries, and folders. This will help you locate everything you need to at a glance. You will appear very unprofessional when you are not prepared for something and how embarrassing would it be to ask your client to resend something because you lost it.

Easier to Locate

Having a business email means that customers and prospects can find you when they need to. If they forget your business name but have your business email, they can look it up and locate you right away.

Build your Identity

Now is the time to go and start setting yourself up with a business email address. Your customers and prospects will see you as a professional and it will help you stay in communication and organized. 


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