YouTube Marketing Tutorial

Today, it can’t be denied that most people are viewing YouTube videos.  If you are promoting your business online then YouTube videos can be a great marketing tool.  In creating your video, it should be convincing enough so that your brand can be presented in such a way that you can entice potential customers.  You should focus more on your YouTube channel rather than on your content.

Based on statistics, there are over 100 million people who watch YouTube videos everyday.  That is why, YouTube is considered as one of the best methods for driving traffic into your website.  If you want to use YouTube to gain traffic for your business then you can refer to this tutorial.

If you create videos then you must have a YouTube Video Channel where you can upload your videos.  It’s really quite easy to set up a channel and best of all your customers that discover all your videos in this location.  First, you should create a YouTube account and you can use your Google account for this.    After you have logged in, click on ‘My Channel’.  If you want to use your business name for the channel then click ‘To use a business or other name, click here’ and type in the name of your YouTube channel.  After you have finished then you can click ‘OK, I’m ready to continue’.  If you want to customize your channel then you can click on ‘Channel Settings.’

After setting up your channel then its time for you to upload your videos by simply clicking ‘Upload’ then choose ‘Select files to upload’.  You can upload videos that can last up to 15 minutes or more.  After uploading your video don’t forget to enter its title and description.  You can also include a keyword on your title so that your videos can be found quickly.  Be sure to include your URL so that it will link back to your website.  Try to incorporate your target key phrases on your description.  It would be fine to add more URLs in your content.  Using tags is also beneficial.  The privacy settings on your website should be set to public so that it can be viewed by other people.  Don’t forget to choose the suitable category for your video.  Remember that there are millions of videos that are found on YouTube.  If you really want to stand out then it would be best to set up the video settings.  If you seriously customize your video pages then users can easily find your video.  After you have finished then don’t forget to click on ‘save changes’.

You can promote your videos by adding an icon for your YouTube channel into your website.  You can also embed your videos into your site.  Interacting with other social networks using YouTube can also be helpful.  Leaving sensible comments on other videos can also help you in getting more views.

Now, you already know how to market your website or business with the use of YouTube videos.  Therefore, it would be best to start making your videos now.  After setting up your channel then you can upload some videos right away.  If you have optimized your title, description and tags correctly then you can expect that your viewers will also be your customers for your website. This is where your revenues will start to pour in.

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