The Gamification of e-commerce

If you're not familiar with the term gamification it refers to using elements of play and common game mechanics such as points, badges, rewards, and other incentives in nontraditional contexts in order to affect behavior. Done right, gamification is a subtle but fun way to get people engaged and drive higher engagement towards sales.

Rewards and loyalty points are perhaps the earliest flavors of gamification and to this day the most prominently cited examples. However with the ever increasing adoption of social media, gamification like everything else in retail has to evolve. And this evolution will be highly impactful for those who can play the game right.

Read here: to identify some of the do’s and don’ts of gamification. When implemented correctly, gamification can be applied to customer engagement and successfully engaging people and motivating them to change behaviors, develop skills, or solve problems. Leveraging some of the features used in real games, gamification can turn many other types of activities into games.

Here is an article we found that references the top ten examples of where ramification was used effective to assist in e-commerce.

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