The 80/20 Guide to Finding the Perfect Ecommerce Platform

Ecommerce platforms should be designed based on the needs and requirements of the entrepreneurs.  Here are the different types of entrepreneurs and the corresponding ecommerce platforms, which are perfect for them.

A retail entrepreneur wants to start her own fashion retail store.  She wants to build a new brand.  The retailer is looking to a platform that is easy to implement and at the same it can be expandable as the business grows.  The business owner does not have sufficient exposure since she is only dealing with her family and friends.  The platform should be able to accommodate free shipping, discounts and other types of promotions.  The most recommended ecommerce platform for this retailer is the Storenvy.  This platform has the best niche dedicated for the fashion community.  Storenvy is free and best of all it has a high traffic, which can guarantee you that your items will be sold right away.

A fashion blogger who wants to sell clothes is looking for a platform that is free.  A platform that is easy to set up even if the business owner has no experience in online selling.  She wants to sell her products in the fashion community.  The blogger has already obtained followers from her fashion blog.  The most recommended ecommerce platform for her is the Poshmark.  It accommodates all the things that she need including shipping, product listing, credit card processing and others.  When it comes to simplicity and high traffic, Poshmark is the best.

A lifestyle designer wants to create his own drop-shipping company.  He wants to create his own lifestyle business, so he needs a platform that can be customized and does not need a developer in setting up the system.  He requires a platform that can link the shipment, inventory as well as the order processing.  Being a drop shipper can be advantageous since you don’t need any inventory but it also has challenges.  If you are creating a lifestyle business then keep your expenses lesser and automate your processes.  Shopify is an excellent platform but an eCommHub is also needed.  This Shopify app can manage the processes easily if you are dealing with various companies.

If you are an artist or designer who wants to sell items online then the best ecommerce platform to use is Etsy.  It is best for artists who are looking for platforms, which are easy to install and free of charge.  Etsy has the best marketplace for DIY products.
If you are a stay at home mom who wants to generate income then you can use the Ebay ecommerce platform.  It is a very simple platform with no up front costs.  Ebay is the best place to sell the old stuff in your house.

Each platform has its own unique functions.  Before choosing your ecommerce platform, you must first investigate if it is the right one for you.  There are various ecommerce platforms that are available today so you can be sure that there is a suitable platform for your business.




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