Social Ecommerce

The emergence of social media has completely changed the entire aspect of internet.  Now, almost all websites have included social sharing buttons on their webpages.  Most social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram are widely used by most individuals.  Do you know what is the website that is most visited by users?  Well, it’s no other than Facebook.  However, if you want to get real time updates from celebrities and most people that you know then you should use Twitter.  This website is also one of the most frequently visited websites by most people all around the globe.

People who are doing their business online are now aware of the popularity of these social media sites.  Since these sites are frequently visited by users then online business owners have realized that this is the best place to obtain potential consumers for their products and services.  If you are a business owner then you should consider social commerce for your marketing campaign.  This campaign is now becoming an important part of any business which is used by most individuals including celebrities.

Dailylook is the best site for shopping.  They are constantly searching for the best fashion so that they can make if accessible to all.  Aside from providing you with a product that meets your standard, they always make sure that their products are affordable.  With Dailylook, you can always enjoy a new look everyday.  By being a member of DailyLook, you can obtain your own personalized look daily.  Anyone can join because it’s free of charge and you are not forced to purchase anything. is founded by Christopher Gavigan and the famous actress Jessica Alba.  Alba enjoys being a mom and she wants to make sure that she can provide the best products to her kids.  Alba together with Gavigan created the Honest Company in order to make sure that your child is provided with the safest, affordable and eco-friendly products.

ShoeDazzle is an online store which provides personalized styles to everyone.  It features reality star Kim Kardashian and stylist Rachel Zoe.  All the members are required to pay a monthly fee in return for the pair of shoes that are chosen by the celebrity stylists.

When it comes to fashion, Rachel Zoe is considered as the most renowned.  Retail outlets regarded her as the most influential power since she had been in the fashion world for more than two decades.  Rachel is an exceptional designer who has created great designs for Hollywood celebrities.

Content strategy is a very important aspect in any type of online marketing firm.  This is the method in which your content will be organized, created and presented in such as way that you can gain potential customers through social media.

The media personalities have created a big impact on the social media, whether you agree or disagree with them.  They are the great influential people online whether they are doing the right thing or the wrong one.  One of the most famous radio personalities today is Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  She provides smart advice with moral values.  Her radio program is well known worldwide and now you can listen to her on the internet as well as in podcast.

You should be glad to know that it does not require a huge budget, an intricate marketing plan as well as some endorsements from celebrities in order to start your social commerce.  One good example is; at least thirty percent of its income is derived from social networks such as Facebook.  Another good example is  This website obtained one-third of their sales from Facebook.

Using social commerce campaigns are beneficial to any type of business.  It can increase the traffic, obtain more potential customers and enhance the brand of your products and services.  The most important thing is social commerce is cheaper.  You don’t have to pay anything if you want to create an account on any social media websites.


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