SEO Tips And Tricks From The Experts

If you are looking for new ideas in order to develop your rankings and work on your SEO skills then you should obtain the best SEO tips from the experts.  Here are some SEO experts and their tips on how to manage your SEO campaigns.  These experts are presently working on SEO projects.

Adam Grunwerg who is an SEO expert and the Managing Director of Searchable Online Marketing shares his Panda and Penguin updates, he said:

“I think almost all of the strategies being used were greatly affected by the Panda and Penguin updates. Now, webmasters and SEOs are making sure that the content that they published are unique and made of high quality while eliminating low quality content due to the emergence of Panda update.  On the other hand, the Penguin update has entirely changed the SEO link building methods used by SEO agencies.  They are now searching for ways in order to avoid penalties.”

What are the common mistakes committed by small businesses when it comes to SEO?

“SEO is more beneficial to huge businesses and brands.  It seems that no matter what the small businesses do, they are confronted by competitors that are better than them.  That is why; it is very essential that they should see to it that their brand is unique.  Some small businesses may not be aware that they have a unique position in the market which can help them in targeting the market better.”

Here are Grunwerg’s main philosophies with regards to SEO:

“If you choose to create high quality websites then you can be confident that you site can survive and obtain higher value in 3 to 4 years”

Maciej Fita is an SEO expert who is also the SEO Director at Brandignity.  Here is Fita’s view with regards to Panda and Penguin updates:

“I think the Panda and Penguin updates created damage to most websites which are cutting corners or using only certain aspects of SEO.  The article directory area is one of those areas which were damaged due to obvious reasons.   We always make it a point that our clients’ websites are visible and at the same time it can handle updates.  SEO is not just about marketing and branding, in fact there’s more to it.”

Here is Fita’s basic philosophy on SEO:

“Don’t use a scientific approach.  Do not view it as list of tasks that you have to accomplish but rather use your marketing point of view but keep in mind the things that are needed by the search engines.”

There are more tips that you can get from several SEO experts, which can help you in making your SEO campaign successful.  By having these tips, you can maintain your online business successfully.  All you need is to obtain some knowledge about some of the top SEO tips.





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