Magento Overview

Magento is considered one of the best ecommerce platforms today.  This software is PHP based and it provides different features and a spontaneous user interface.  It offers almost all the aspects needed for an eCommerce solution, which include managing the product, catalog and order as well as marketing and promotions.  It also has customer support and user management functions.  Aside from providing clients with simple and rich features, it also offers a backend admin panel where users can manage their ecommerce operations successfully.

The Magento ecommerce platform may be perfect for business owners who are selling a limited number of products but it is not the best solution for business owners who are selling a large number of products.  Magento has three editions that you can choose from.  When it comes to a cost effective solution then Magento is the best choice.  If you are starting off your ecommerce presence, Magento would be a great alternative, especially if you do not want to spend too equity on large enterprise solutions.  But you have to remember that Magento has been facing several performance issues lately.  It also has system complexities, which can lead to its limitations.

Magento has been created on flexible architecture.  However, it also has its downfall, since it is built in a complex system then it may not be easy to customize and expand.  This is why; this program is also known to be slow.

Nox Enterprise Commerce offers business owners the most flexible and powerful ecommerce solutions.  You can instantly create your own online store without any hassles.  With NEC, you can assure that all of your online orders are processed smoothly.  NEC offers a scalable platform, which means that your ecommerce solution will grow as your business grows.  It can accommodate any changes that you require for your ecommerce website.

NEC provides you the most effective and customizable program and can automate the process of your website.  It is the best solution regardless if you are a direct retailer or a catalog retailer.  They can accommodate your daily operations no matter the size of your business.  With NEC, you can assure that your customers can have the best online selling experience.  NEC considers you as their business partner in building your system.  You can guarantee that it is customized according to your needs and security.  The ecommerce solutions that they offer provide you the opportunity to open to new markets to extend your brand’s reach.  You can effectively manage your site with reduced costs.

If you choose Nox Enterprise Commerce solutions, you can be assured that your issues can be solved right away. They really care for your needs and they do not want any interruption from your business.  With Nox Enterprise Commerce, you can never go wrong because they have the most valuable tools that are perfect in creating, establishing and managing an online store.  This means that regardless how many products you are selling; they can always give you a suitable and scalable ecommerce solution to optimize sales and vastly improve your brand.


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