How Can Your Website Compete Against Amazon And Win

How Can Your Website Compete Against Amazon And Win

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the United States so how do you compete against the retailer giant? Although most businesses will never reach the size Amazon has accomplished, you can compete and make your own path. Amazon’s massive size can be intimidating at times, but its massive size leaks many weaknesses –weaknesses you can and should take advantage of. 

Every Other Retailer VS Amazon
It’s easier to hate the competitor, but what if you joined in Amazon’s success and sell your products on Amazon? Listing your brand on Amazon will most likely take up more real estate than it ever could on its own. This will give you many more opportunities for a click on your brand over your competitors.

This strategy can be a weapon for your business, but make sure that you create an SEO campaign to address any challenges that may come with Amazon. You do not want to bury your own product pages in the search results.

Unique Product Descriptions
According to PowerReviews recent Survey, more than 43% of shoppers feel uncomfortable when product information is missing. Creating unique product descriptions for each and every product can be an extensive task, but the benefits are very much worth the effort.

If you are selling your products on Amazon, it’s important that the product description on Amazon is not the exact description for your online store. You do not want to duplicate your descriptions on Amazon. Instead, you should keep the same keywords and basic features, but make sure to provide more detailed descriptions for your online store.

What You Can Offer That Amazon Can’t
Out of 1,000 online shoppers in the US, a third of shoppers say negative reviews help them make a balanced shopping decision. Additionally, shoppers who can’t find reviews will leave that site—and 25% will head to Amazon, according to PowerReviews recent study. It is no secret, that Amazon listings contain endless customer reviews sharing their very honest opinions. This is definitely a tool you can utilize for your own website. Customer ratings, authentic reviews and specific product details are great ways to gain customers’ trust. On your e-commerce website, make sure to include detailed descriptions, specs, videos, manuals, and charts.

Amazon has amazon basics which offers the most popular items in every category with free shipping. This hurts most vendors in each industry, but as the expert of your product offer your specialized help for specific questions or problems.

Amazon has also made waves with loyalty programs. Prime shipping for example, is Amazon’s membership, which includes shipping benefits, like free expedite delivery. Don’t stay behind and create your own loyalty programs. Offer incentives, special events, and encourage customers to post videos, share photos, and write reviews.

The combination of high quality information and focused expertise is a powerful weapon. Competing against Amazon is not impossible if you have the right strategy.

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