Health of your email list

Sometimes it can be too annoying to watch those huge numbers of emails that you have in your inbox.  That is why Gmail is now making their move.  They are now implementing a new rule with regards to emails received, which are not opened by the user.  If the recipient does not open the emails that you were sending then Gmail will do two things.  First, your emails will be delivered directly to the spam folder.  Your email address will be added to the spammer list due to the frequency of your unopened emails.  Some sites such as JustFab and LinkedIn are implementing some rules with regards to unopened emails.  If you have not opened their emails then you will be removed from their email list.  These companies are not doing this just because they are getting annoyed with the bulk of their email list but because they want to maintain the quality of their list. 

There are other ways of dealing with this problem in the most appropriate way.  First, if the user does not open the emails in 2 months, then you can change the frequency of sending emails to once a week.  Be sure to let them know by sending them an email and informing them about the changes to the frequency of sending emails.  Another option would be if the user fails to open his emails for 2 months straight, then you can opt them out from your email list.  It is also important to let them know that you have decided to opt them out from your list; LinkedIn and JustFab have used this practice.

There are some people whose jobs are to send emails and sometimes the huge amount of emails in their inbox is annoys them.  There are various tips that can help you in managing your emails effectively.  But sometimes these companies that are sending you emails should practice more politeness.  For instance, here is a case study, “Last year I joined the JustFab and have been receiving some emails from them.  However, since I don’t have too much money I can’t afford to buy the products that they are selling.  Recently, I’ve been busy with my work that is why I have disregarded their emails.  I have not unsubscribed from them yet since it has not reached to that point.  One day, I received an email from them with the subject: ‘Stop. Getting. So. Much. Email. Smile, you’re designed to.’  They said that they are aware that I am not opening their emails for quite a while that is why they have decided to opt me out from their email list.  They are also informing me that they do not want to clutter my inbox anymore.

I really like what they did.  Fab really cared about the overload in my inbox.  I’m really hoping that other websites will also do the same.  Getting rid of unwanted emails can be tedious.  If there are emails which you think are spam then you can unsubscribe from the website right away.“

As you can see, sometimes as a business, paying attention to your customer’s pains and needs can become more valuable than you think. Too much clutter on your inbox can be annoying and thanks to Gmail and others who have helped us in eliminating these unwanted emails. Simply showing them that you care can be the difference from a sale to an ignored email.



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