Bringing local customers to your business

Many times, business owners only focus on the newest and growing trend of getting customers; the Internet. This is important in the business world but it is also even more important to remember that you do have potential local customers as well. Targeting local prospects is vital to your business because if you are not snagging them, your competition is. So how can you attract more locals to come into your business?

Google Places Works!

One way to get yourself on the local map is to use Google Places. This application works by allowing local users to see your company first when they search for a specific service or product in a specific area. Google Places allows you to add your company name, address, hours of operation, videos, photos, and much more. Users can also leave comments for other interested people to see.

Put Some Locality on Your Website

It is important to localize your website. If people do not know where you are located or locals stumble across your page and do not see that you are nearby, they may just click off. Add keywords to your address that are local. You can simply add in a city name or a zip code to help add localization to your page.

Claim Your Business

Many local directory websites allow you to claim your profile on their site. When you first visit the site, you will notice that your profile is pretty bare. Once you claim it as yours, you will be able to go in and fill out all of the details. Directory sites such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, and the like get a lot of traffic day in and out.

Reviews Are Your Friend

Whenever someone wants to try something new, they will go onto the web and search for the company or product. They will then read the reviews and see what others think of the business, service, and product. It is always beneficial to have local reviews from local customers. You can encourage them to do so by asking them to leave feedback or even offering a discount if they leave you a review. Local reviews=local customers!

Blog about Local Events

One way to get locals to come into your business and check out your website is to keep them updated with what is going on in the community. You do not have to focus your whole blog around community events but a simple once a week post will help draw people back to your website.

YouTube is the Best Way to Show Off Your Business

Many people flock to YouTube to look up different videos and watch tutorials. YouTube is a great source for you because it will allow you to make a video of your store and also showcase a product or two. Before you upload your video, tag it with local terms and use clever and catchy descriptions.

Bringing local customers into your business is not difficult if you know what to do. Start out by focusing on the local area and you will get a large prospect base. Encourage locals around the area to come in to your business for a service you offer. Once you start getting more people in the door, they will recommend you to others who will then come in and the cycle will repeat.

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