Blogging and why it's important

Blogging is an important part of your business and if you have a website you should be doing it. When you blog, you are able to show your authority and expertise in the field and your customers and prospects will look up to you for that. Posting content that is fresh, unique, and creative will help your business develop largely and increase your customer base.

It is important for all businesses to blog and if you are unsure of why you should be doing it, here are some of the best benefits.

Traffic Increase

One reason blogging is beneficial is because it draws people to your website and will increase the traffic you get. Actually, this is probably the best reason to blog. As you produce quality blogs that are useful to people, your numbers will begin to rise. This increase in traffic can lead to new prospects, clients, and more email addresses for your newsletters.

As you blog, you are adding indexed pages to your website which will help rank you on Google and other search engines. More traffic=Better search engine results

Establishes You as an Authority

Another reason you want to make sure you are blogging is because it will help showcase you as an authority in the field. You can base your blog posts on things that customers frequently ask or post about a solution to a common problem. Remember, for your blog to be the best of the best it must answer questions that your prospects and customers want to know.

Subtly Advertise Your Products

If you have products to advertise and sell, well your goal is simply to sell them; however, sending your interested prospects to a hardcore sales page can deter them. Blogging is a way to help subtly lead your prospects into your products without being too salesy. Writing up a simple promotional post and talking about how it can benefit someone or demonstrating how it works will do the trick.

Gets You and Your Customers/Prospects Engaged

Blogging opens a door for communication and you will easily be able to communicate back and forth with your customers and prospects. You can set up a comment box to allow your readers to leave messages. As you respond to them, they will continue to read and come back to see your response.

It is also beneficial to place a suggestion spot or box on your blog so that people can suggest topics they want you to discuss. This little move will make your readers feel special as you are showing care towards their needs.

Blogging is not difficult but many people do not know where to start and they do not know what to say on their blog. It is beneficial for businesses to blog as this will open up a new door for them and also gain them new customers. As you begin to post relevant and helpful information, your current readers will share it, and voila! You have new readers. 


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